About the Band:

Hey Bulldog is a diverse group of musicians from the New Brunswick area who got together as part of an open "jam" to play Beatles songs on John Lennon's birthday (October 9, 2004).  That evening inspired yet another “Beatles night,” then another, and soon the informal jams became a steadily gigging act. The word around town spread quickly, and within 6 months they were filling bars and restaurants all over the Central New Jersey area. There has never been a "tribute" aspect to Hey Bulldog. As opposed to dressing up like the Fab Four (as many others do,) the members of HB stay true to their individual style, playing arguably some of best songs ever written with a high level of creativity, passion, and originality. The 5 members of Hey Bulldog couldn’t be more different from one another, its members ranging from acoustic performers, to hard rock, jam bands, and of course, psychedelic. And yet somehow, it works.

Hey Bulldog exhibits a very audience oriented performance, extending arrangements whenever possible to keep the dance floor moving. They have been known to play precise album segments (the first 4 songs on Sgt. Pepper or the first 3 songs on Magical Mystery Tour in order), to complete beginning-to-end album performances of albums such as Revolver, and Abbey Road. Hey Bulldog now regularly specializes in many different kinds of events, both private and public, including (but not limited to) weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, town fairs, and lots (and lots) of bar gigs, so come check out a show soon!